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ART CLASSES with Margaret ($12 per lesson)

Want to get out of your head space for a few hours? Come and join my art class where we will explore various art techniques and mediums in a relaxed, friendly environment with like−minded people.

TEACHER: Margaret Negro

Wed 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm



Learn basic sewing techniques, dressmaking using patterns, how to alter and mend clothes or create new ones.  This is also a good opportunity to complete unfinished objects with guidance available should you need it.  Perfect for all levels.

TEACHER: Carol McKay     Tues 9.45 – 11.45am



Learn traditional and modern beading techniques as well as how to design and make your own earrings, necklaces etc. using beads, crystals, etc. Also learn design/study of various projects including crazy wiring.

TEACHER: Yani Moediman

Tues 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm   Wed 9. 45 – 11.45am


BOBBIN LACE ($8 per lesson)

Bobbin Lace is a traditional handmade lace. The lace is made on a pillow using bobbins.

TEACHER: Elizabeth May     Tues 12.15−2.15pm

BOOK CLUB ($15 per year)

Do you love reading books and talking about them with like−minded book lovers? Join the Contact Book Club now. Books will be provided by the YPRL (Yarra Plenty Regional Library).  Book Club is on the first Thursday of each month.

FACILITATOR:  Rita Hawkins   Thurs 10.30 −11.45am



Learn a variety of techniques including how to cover and decorate a cake. Create sugarcraft flowers, model characters and animals.

TEACHER: Irene Williams      Tues. 9.45 – 11.45am


CAKE DECORATING for Beginners ($10 per lesson)

Turn your ordinary cake into a work of art! Learn to decorate your cakes for all occasions in a fun and friendly environment.

TEACHER: Irene Williams     Tues 12.15pm – 2.15pm



This class will teach you how to make your own wonderful and personal greeting cards. Using a variety of mediums such as stamps, inks, die cuts, ribbons, embellishments and embossing. The class will cater for all levels, starting at beginner, progressing to advanced levels.

TEACHER: Sue Johnson     Thurs 9.45 – 11.45am


CRAFTS & CHAT − Drop in Group

Enjoy a cuppa with friends and work on your own small quilts and craft projects.  Share your knowledge and experience of creating crafts with like−minded friends.

FACILITATOR: Barbara Perrett      Tues 9.45 – 11.45am

COUNTED CROSS STITCH ($5 per lesson)

Learn this delightful counted stitch embroidery in a variety of projects. Kits and patterns available.

TEACHER: Ken Foggie    

Tues 12.15 – 2.15pm,   Thurs 9.45 – 11.45am


DANCE EXERCISE ($8 per lesson)

Bring your mind and body together with this gentle, low impact exercise to music workout to improve your health and overall well−being, tone your muscles, increase your energy and vitality, socialise and enjoy yourself in a friendly environment.  All welcome

TEACHER: Luda Cherstrov     Thursday 10.15 – 11.00am


EMBROIDERY GROUP with Jan ($8 per lesson OR $10 ALL DAY)

Join Jan and her friends over a cuppa in this friendly group. Bring your own embroidery or ask Jan to help you learn something new. We can help you learn basic embroidery, 3D, blackwork and goldwork.

TEACHER:  Jan Hashman    Wed 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15-2.15pm



In this group we will be exploring some alternative techniques for people with basic sewing machine skills. We will be having some fun creating, sewing, and chatting over a cuppa. You will need to bring your own sewing machine in good order.

TEACHER: Jan Hashman     Tues 9.45 – 11.45am


KNITTING & CROCHET ($5 per lesson)

All aspects of knitting and crochet including Tunisian, crochet knitting, entrelac, lace, colourwork, broomstick and basic hairpin crochet, incorporating beads and embellishments.

TEACHER: Beverley Parry

Tuesday 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm

Wed 12.15 – 2.15pm  Thurs 9.45−11.45am


Join a cheerful group over a cuppa while knitting and crocheting.  Bring your own knitting or crocheting and share knowledge, designs and ideas with like−minded people.

FACILITATOR: Betty Walten     Wed 12.15 – 2.15pm



Learn a game of skill which will help to keep your brain stay active as you go through life. We are a welcoming group who love to meet new people and look forward to showing you how to play this intriguing game.

TEACHER: Judith Pauwels    Wed 12.15 – 2.15pm


MOSAICS WITH ANNA ($10 per lesson)

Learn the basic art of mosaics, creating masterpieces using tiles, glass, crockery and other mediums.

TEACHER: Anna Barto

Tues 12.15 – 2.15pm    Wed 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm


PAPER TOLE (Kit Avail) ($10 per lesson)

Papertole is an ancient art form of turning beautiful paper images into 3D so that the picture looks lifelike. This is achieved by using a scalpel and some simple tools.

It is a very easy craft after you have learnt a few simple basics and enables you to make framed pictures or magnificent cards.

TEACHER: Jeanie Handsaker      

Tues 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm


PATCHWORK, QUILTING, TEDDY BEAR MAKING & UFO (Unfinished Objects) ($5 per lesson)

All aspects of creating patchwork quilts, using hand or machine sewing, and techniques in quilting are covered in this class, OR learn to make a classical style fully jointed bear. This is also a good opportunity to complete unfinished objects with guidance available should you need it.  Perfect for all levels. Own machine necessary

TEACHER: Carol McKay      Tues 12.15 – 2.15pm

PATCHWORK WITH ROSE ($7 per lesson)

Experience the challenge of this craft, using mainly hand stitching. Learn rotary cutting. Make delightful quilts and other articles that will become family heirlooms.

TEACHER: Rose Zappelli  

Wed 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm



This is a Pilates based class that involves focus on breathing and graceful, controlled movements that strengthen and stretch the entire body and connect body, mind and spirit.  You will need to wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle and your own mat

Please note:  This class is full, if interested please enquiry and your details will be placed on a waiting list and forwarded to Sue Kent (teacher) who will contact you.

TEACHER: Sue Kent      Wed 9.30 – 10.45am


PILATES GENTLE ($15 per lesson)

This is a Pilates based movement class that suitable for aging bodies. The focus is on improving posture, standing, balance and core strength. You will need to wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle and your own mat

Please note:  This class is full, if interested please enquiry and your details will be placed on a waiting list and forwarded to Sue Kent (teacher) who will contact you.

TEACHER: Sue Kent      Wed 11.00 – 12.15pm



Enjoy the experience of creating a porcelain doll from the beginning. Learn to clean the greenware, paint the doll and then assemble the doll. Reborning is the process of taking an unpainted vinyl kit and creating a life−like work of art that resembles a real baby or toddler..

TEACHER: Lee−Anne Carpenter

Tues 9.45 – 11.45am and 12.15 – 2.15pm


Do you want to create contemporary art using ‘no brush’ techniques? Challenge your creative self by substituting your paint brush to develop many colourful, unique, intriguing and exciting artworks, styles and painting techniques using a variety of surfaces and media including: Fluid/Flow art; Pull-string/chain art; Ink techniques and more.  Learn how to create marbling, lacing, cells, ribbon layers, curves, blooms, swipe, feathering, flower petals, leaf effects, shapes and so much more. All Ages, Genders & Beginners welcome!

TEACHER: Katherine Chouliaras Lewis   Thurs 9.45 – 11.45am


SEWING FOR CHARITY – Drop in group

Volunteer some time and help create donations to local charities. The Contact Sewing for Charity Table receives many donations of fabric, wool etc., as well as unfinished projects.  The Sewing for Charity group complete these projects ie quilts, wheelchair quilts, walker bags, sensory mats etc and donate to local nursing homes, fostering agencies, as well as various charities who support families and children in need.

FACILITATOR:  Rita Hawkins  Wed 9.45 – 11.45 am


SMOCKING – Drop in Group

Smocking is an embroidery technique which uses pleats and smocking stitches to embellish dresses and garments.  Join this very friendly group, who are very talented in the art of smocking techniques or work on a current project. 

FACILITATOR: Bronwyn Nimmo  Thurs – 9.45 – 11.45am


SPINNERS CORNER – Drop in group

Is your Spinning Wheel and fleece sitting there collecting dust?  Come along and join this small and friendly group, have a cuppa and work on your spinning techniques or learn how to use your spinning wheel.  Bring your own spinning wheel and fleece and spin away!

FACILITATOR: Joy Marston   Wed 9.45 – 11.45am

SCRAPBOOKING ($8 per lesson)

This class will show you how to get your photos organised and into albums so they can be enjoyed time and time again. No experience necessary.

TEACHER: Christine Fitzgerald    Tues 9.45 – 11.45am


TAI CHI – Drop in Group

Looking for a fun morning learning Tai Chi (Woo Choo).  Come and join our informal group

FACILITATOR:  Anne Macauley   Thurs 9.45 – 11.45am


TUNISIAN CROCHET ($5 per lesson)

Tunisian Crochet is a type of crochet that uses an elongated hook, often with a stopper on the hand end.  It is sometimes considered to be a mixture of crocheting and knitting.  This class covers all aspects of Tunisian crochet, ie basic Afghan stitch plus other commonly used Tunisian stitches, textured ad lace stitches, colour work and shaping.  Ideal for beginners to advanced.

TEACHER:  Beverley Parry   Thurs 9.45 – 11.45am



This class is a drop-in class that provides an opportunity for students to explore watercolour techniques in an encouraging and respectful environment.  It is suitable for students with some experience and ability to work independently. 

FACILITATOR: Angela Dzousdanis  Wed 9.45 – 11.45am

YOGA ($12 per lesson)

A supportive friendly class to help you gently tone, improve flexibility and strengthen your body, ease mental tension and sooth the mind. Everyone can practice yoga regardless of age, experience or level of flexibility. Begin with gentle movements followed by postures to make you strong then breathing techniques.

TEACHER: Nalini Singam        Tues 9.30 -11.30am


YOGA for Seniors ($10 per lesson)

Chair yoga: ideal for those who cannot stand for long periods or who cannot work on a floormat. 

Face yoga: increased circulation to help promote collagen production.

TEACHER: Zoyia Yasin       Wed 12.30 – 1.30pm


ZUMBA ($9 per lesson)

ZUMBA is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness class with motivating music and easy to follow dance moves that will tone, energise, revitalise your body and improve overall wellbeing!  Dance away your worries!   Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout for both the body and the mind. Suitable for all fitness levels. In a friendly environment with a professional. Get fit dancing together and learning new steps!

TEACHER: Luda Cherstnov    Tues 12.00 – 1pm

Drop in group – no teacher fee – suitable for students with ability to work independently.

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