Angela Dzousdanis – Watercolour Painting
Angela gains immense satisfaction in creating something artistic, unique and personal. Looking for something to fill her spare time she became a member of Contact Bundoora Community Centre in the year 2000. During this period she has worked across numerous arts genres, ranging from cross stitch, folk art, oil painting and embroidery to Faberge egg painting. She has in fact won awards in every competition she has entered. Drawing on her wide-ranging experience and skills she has focussed on watercolour painting for the last five years. Here she shares her ideas and expertise with a “drop in” group. The group provides a place to relax whilst taking time to learn from each other, to share ideas, to engage in friendly social interaction and have loads of fun! 

Ken Foggie – Counted Cross Stitch
Ken Foggie has been associated with Contact almost since it’s inception. Often accompanied by his loving wife Merle, Ken teaches cross-stitch to his keen students twice a week.
Ken has lived in the local area all his life. He started his working life working for the P.M.G., as it was called then at the age of 14 years old. Ken later joined the army reserves and proudly achieved the rank of Warrant Officer Class I.
Ken continued his career in the post office and four other government departments until he retired in 2003 after 47 years service.
Ken was introduced to Contact by his wife. On his days off he would accompany Merle with her craft class for disabled members of the community. When Ken retired, he needed something to occupy him, so when Merle suggested he take up crossstitch, he was hooked. Ken is devoted to the ‘love of his life’, his wife Merle. He says the secret to a happy marriage is to ‘never go to bed angry’. 

Jeannie Handsaker − Paper Tole
Jeannie has been teaching her craft at Contact for approximately 25 years.
She was first introduced to it when she attended a craft show at ‘Jeff’s Shed’. After a few ‘ordinary attempts’ she was up and running. Her skills and classes quickly became so popular she purchased a warehouse and became the largest supplier of prints in the southern hemisphere.
Jeannie’s skills and teaching are so popular, she began receiving requests to attend shows all over the country.  Requests have also taken her to America where she has received international recognition. Sadly, Covid interfered with her travel plans, although she is till able to include visits to her grandchildren on her ‘Contact’ days.

Elizabeth May − Bobbin Lace
Bobbin lace is a traditional lacemaking technique that is continually evolving. Once basic skills are learnt the range of items that can be made is immense.
Elizabeth started lace making as a knitter. She has been making bobbin lace for over fifteen years. She likes to explore traditional as well as non-traditional forms by looking at pattern, technique, and materials. Along the way, she has also been on the committee of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Lace Guild and the Australian Lace Guild.

Margaret Nigro − Art Classes with Margaret
Margaret is proud of being a ’local’ all her life. Like many artists she rekindled her artistic talents as a mature aged student. Her creative talents have earnt her numerous awards. As a member of the Heidelberg Artist Society, she was awarded ‘best in show’ in 2019 for her piece entitled ‘Autumn Scene’.  The award was presented by Ben Winspear, an esteemed Melbourne artist.
Margaret was recently president of the Heidelberg Artist Society and is committed to helping others nurture their creativity by introducing various techniques and mediums.

Bev Parry – Knitting & Crochet
Bev learnt to knit and crochet at the early age of just 5 years old. Her love of these crafts has never faded. She enjoys sharing this love and enthusiasm with others through teaching and helping others.
Bev is well versed in the terminology, techniques, and patterns of her craft. Along with her students they have won numerous awards for their entries in shows and competitions, most recently ‘Best Tablecloth’ at the 2019 Whittlesea show.
Beginner and experienced knitters and crocheters enjoy learning and sharing their skills in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Bev’s classes